Celebrating Great British Beef

Great British Beef Week (or GBBW for short) reaches its twelfth year in 2022, as the campaign to celebrate and highlight all the hard work our farmers are doing to support sustainable production practices on their farms continues. At a time when consumers are becoming ever more conscious of their shopping habits, food origins have never been more important, so it’s more than reassuring to know that thanks to the tireless efforts of UK farmers, British beef continues to be amongst the most sustainable in the world. Through effective land management, farming regeneratively, planting trees and wild flowers while also improving grasslands and paddock grazing, British beef productions current carbon footprint is less than half that of the global average with impressive plans to be carbon neutral by 2040.
So, with farmers at the forefront, what can consumers do to support their hard work? Of course buying meat from local butchers and farms shops helps, as they can assure the origins of their produce, however most shoppers buy their meat from supermarkets which often makes it a lot harder to determine where anything has come from. However, do not fear, there is a simple way to check. Just look for the Red Tractor logo! This represents a level of quality assurance from British farmers making sure food is traceable, safe and farmed with cared. Speaking of welfare, Relish’s newest local supplier Aubrey Allen pride themselves on their rigorous beef selection process with only 4 in every 100 British cattle meeting their high standards for eating quality. With focus on animal welfare they only select cattle which have been grass fed and have remained with their mothers as part of the herd in a stress-free environment, throughout their development over at least 18 months. With all that care and consideration the proof really is in the taste and you can try delicious dry-aged burgers from Munch By Munch in Cirencester or Broome Manor Gold Complex in Swindon or opt for a succulent steak from Sally Pussey’s Inn in Royal Wootton Bassett.