National Burger Day has arrived!

August 27th 2020 is National Burger Day!
Have you tried all of our venue burgers?



We’re starting strong with the classic burger from Somewhere Else. The SWE Burger has been a staple on our menu and loved by all for over 10 years!

Neat, proud and perfect! A rainbow of colour, the SWE burger in its brioche bun boasts a southern American BBQ Aioli sauce for that truly authentic taste.

Moving onto Jacks Burger – which is also available as Vegetarian and Vegan. It may look like a lot to handle but don’t worry, that’s why we’ve skewered it so you can indulge in the full experience and savour each layer simultaneously!

Smothered in melted Monterey Jack cheese, the Jesse Smith beef patty sits on a bed of creamily satisfying spiral salad, topped with streaky bacon and a tomato jam.

Then we have Sally’s Signature Burger. Sally’s is known for large portions at sensible prices and you can definitely see that with this burger – it’s double-decker style and packed to an inch of its life.

Famously popular and seasoned to perfection, the grilled Jesse Smith beef patty is sandwiched between layers of crispy bacon, melted cheddar cheese and a bed of crispy salad. All rounded up in a perfectly beautiful soft and buttery toasted Brioche roll.

The Gateway Cafe Burger was inspired by its natural surroundings and brimming with local ingredients! The sustainably sourced crispy cod burger from New Wave is set on a bed of salad, with a creamy tartare sauce and topped and tailed in a brioche bun. It’s fresh and succulent and the perfect reward after a strenuous walk, arduous cycle or simply to enjoy before an afternoon boating on the lake.

Lastly, but by no means least, we finish off the collection with the Prison Burger! Plain talking, this traditional style burger offers the best of its kind. Captured between the buttery brioche bun lies a hefty 6oz Jesse Smith’s burger with crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, gherkins and a tantalising relish.