Takeaway Dining could be the New Norm for the Cotswolds

Major changes for pubs, restaurants, and bars have been extended in an effort to give reassurance to the hospitality industry. The provisions allowing all hospitality to serve takeaway food and alcohol will be extended by the Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick.

All hospitality was forced to close last week as a second national lockdown began, but the new regulations allow takeaway alcohol to be served as long as it is pre-ordered online, via phone, or post.

The automatic takeaway permissions established during the first lockdown back in March are going to be renewed for another year, and Mr. Jenrick said his department will look into whether this one-size-fits-all approach should become the norm.

The takeaway industry was worth over 8billion to the UK economy in 2019 and is expected to be even more for 2020 due to so many more companies and businesses joining the market due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Across our venues, we’ve had to diversify and change due to the lockdowns and social distancing rules. Lockdown 1.0 meant we had to take a look at the businesses and decide whether to keep them shut or give them a new lease of life. The demand for takeaway coffee, food, and food goods increased and many of our venues provided a takeaway option anyway but we felt we could grow this idea and expand it. This of course has proved a life-line during Lockdown 2.0.

Delivery has also now become so important; we have linked up with CirenEats who are able to bring Pizzeria 720 pizzas to your door via their zippy scooter, enabling us to reach those around the Cotswold Waterpark and surrounding villages.

The government plans and people’s habits have changed due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns which is why we’re seeing so much more takeaway food. People are realizing that takeaway does not have to be junk food and can be a fine or relaxed family dining experience that does not cost the earth.

So, take out could be the new eat out!