Heavy Dough

February is a particularly doughy month, by which I mean we get to celebrate not one, not two but three different international food days that all relate to bread. So, for those of you who love a good loaf, listen up!

First up is National Pizza Day on the 9th – Bread with Embellishments!

A day where people can enjoy one of the most popular and iconic dishes in the world guilt-free. Pizza evolution started with the humble herb flavoured flatbread which was originally created by the Romans. 

Their basic bread didn’t evolve into the pizza’s we know and love today until the 18th century when Nepal got involved in introducing cheese and tomato. Surprisingly though pizza didn’t become popular until after World War II when servicemen returned from Italy have developed a taste for it.

Then we have Real Bread Week which runs from the 19th – 27th Feb

What is Real Bread Week I hear you ask? It was originally launched as a campaign in 2009 to celebrate real bread and the people who make it, focusing each year on encouraging people to buy local from independent bakeries as well as to make bread themselves. 

Baking bread from scratch is not only a fun way to de-stress by taking out frustrations on the dough as it can be rather cathartic, but by making it yourself you can avoid the artificial additives that have found their way into industrial loaves.

And finally, there’s National Toast Day on the 24th Feb

Yes, this humble yet quick and easy snack has a day unto its own, so go grab a slice, get toasting, rustle up your favourite topping and get ready for the pop! 

But how do you take yours? 

Given its simplicity to make you’d be surprised just how many different options are available when preparing toast. Let’s start with the bread itself: white, brown, granary or sourdough there’s plenty to choose from. Then how long do you toast it for? Are you a just warmed through kinda person or do you relish the crunch? Finally, what do you want to top it with? Butter, jam, marmalade, chocolate spread, egg, avocado? The possibilities are endless…well almost endless.

I know one thing for sure though, that with all this talk of fresh baking, I’m off to try my hand at making some artisan sourdough, just in time for lunch!