International Coffee Day – How do you take yours?

Is there any better way to start your day than with a warming cup of coffee? Be it a Cappuccino, Americano, Flat White, Latte or the quick punch of an Espresso, today’s the day to raise your mug to the UK’s best love import!

If that was too many options to digest then you’re not alone, I’m sure we’ve all stood in a coffee shop, looked at the menu and questioned what each of the options actually mean.

Let’s start simple, the main difference between all those menu options really boils down to four key elements and the quantity of them combined to make a “cup of Joe” just the way you like it. These four cornerstones of coffee consist of water, milk, milk foam and the magic ingredient espresso (which is basically coffee concentrate, think of it like squash and you can’t go wrong)

So class is in session! Pens out, there will be a test at the end…!

We’ll start simple, an espresso is simply a shot of the good stuff, no frills, no milk just a straight up caffeine hit in a cup.

An Americano is equal parts espresso and water, this dilutes it slightly and also makes it last longer on those colder days when you want to wrap your hands around a warm mug.

Latte’s are the milkiest of the options, where a small shot of espresso is added to warm milk changing this otherwise bedtime staple into a gentle morning wake up call.

Cappuchino’s consist of one part espresso, one part milk and then to froth it up one part milk foam for a lighter drinking experience. However if foam is your thing then a Macchiato is your coffee, with one part espresso to almost two parts foamed milk this really is the airiest of beverages.

Now if that’s all getting a bit fussy then lets tone things down; A Flat White is simply one part espresso to two parts warm milk, no froth, no added extras. And for those looking for a richer edge to your Flat White then make it a Mocha with a dash of chocolate syrup.

Not to mention the vast array of milks, syrups and decaf – Coffee really does cater to everyone’s tastes!

So, whether you’re sticking to what you know or branching out to try something new, there really is something for everyone this International Coffee Day.

Test Question: Which one will you order next?!