Celebrating National Milk Day!

We’re celebrating National Milk Day today – January 11;  launched to recognise the very first-time milk was delivered to homes inside sterilized glass bottles. It wasn’t until 1878 that bottles were filled with milk and sealed with waxed paper. Before that, conditions for storing milk were highly unsanitary. These days thankfully we have the technology to pasteurize and deliver fresh milk to homes, stores, and processing facilities across the country. By today’s standards, milk with its nine essential nutrients is considered a staple food, technically able to support human life without the addition of any other food groups to balance it out.

For National Milk Day, we invite you to join us in celebrating the oldest and most natural food for all — MILK!

As a staple food available at most grocery stores, milk is one of those foods we tend to take for granted. It’s always there on the shelf, cold and fresh and ready to take home.

Milk is packed with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients important for your health. It contains nine essential nutrients that our bodies needs to live and it also delivers some non-essential nutrients such as sugars and fats, providing our bodies with the energy it needs to function. And while cow’s milk differs from human milk in fat content and nutrient ratios, its basic components are close enough for humans to benefit.

Milk is great on its own, but this creamy white liquid is also the foundation of the entire dairy food group. Milk today is available in various forms; whole milk which is in it’s the purest form, lower fat-content milks like 2%, blended, and skimmed milk. Creams are the higher fat-content milk products that have been removed from skimmed milk. Milks and creams vary in fat content depending on how we will use them — heavy creams are used to make butter and whipped cream, while lighter creams are used to produce dairy variants like yoghurt, cheese, and ice cream.

Here at Relish, we use whole and skimmed milk, plus various creams. As you can imagine, with over nine venues and when not operating in a pandemic, multiple year-round events at which we cater, we rely heavily on daily deliveries from our local supplier Bramley’s who work closely with local dairy farms across the Cotswolds.

It really is a vital ingredient to our daily operations and deserves to be celebrated!