One Metre Pizza; the Perfect Slice for Half Term

We are delighted to announce the official launch of Pizzeria 720° – our very own wood-fired, sustainable pizza brand (aptly named to reflect the temperature needed to achieve the perfect bake) has opened at The Gateway Café and Information Centre at the Cotswold Waterpark.


Open daily from 12pm – 9pm daily, the pizzas can be enjoyed in the large marquee for outdoor dining or the heated lakeside marquee available for warmer seating into the evenings. The success of the Pizza Pop-Up over the summer has led to us launching a Click & Collect service as well as delivery for the surrounding area.


With a menu spanning 12 different pizzas across both 9” and 12” options, we reckon you’ll find it hard to choose! From the reliably safe MARGHERITA to the hardcore MEAT SWEATS option, subtly sweet HAWAIIAN to the deliciously sour TRUFFLE TALEGGIO  – we’ve got it covered! We can also offer a gluten-free pizza base with any of our options.


If you fancy a bit if fun, our exclusive One-Metre pizza can handle four delicious flavour combinations is perfect for a family or group of friends of up to 6!


Pizza doesn’t have to be unhealthy and a wood-fired oven can be integral to making each slice taste divine and actually be better for your body than a traditionally cooked pizza.


Our wood-fired pizza oven naturally distributes heat more evenly so it means we can guarantee each slice of your pizza will be cooked to equal perfection. The oven flames also help to cook fruit and vegetable toppings faster, helping to maintain their nutrients and antioxidants.


Requiring no electricity or gas, our oven is also an economically friendly option, so not only will you be eating healthier pizza, you’ll be helping us to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.


And did you know that eating your food more slowly not only helps with digestion but can also ensure you minimise weight gain? All our pizzas are served literally as they leave the oven, meaning you’ll have to allow it to cool a little first and eat it slowly – which in turn means you can fully savour the moment, gain greater satisfaction and feel fuller for longer!


Pizza is such an approachable product for families who travel to the Waterpark – it’s quick, great value, and a real crowd-pleaser; and in signature Relish style we are adorning our pizzas with some of regions best local produce delivered fresh from our awesome suppliers; like Bramley’s in Cirencester who source the peppery rocket from Evesham to top our KIDD ROCK pizza which also features local goats cheese and caramelized onion – delicious!