National Pie Week

Britain and Pies go hand in hand, so to celebrate our love for these pastry packages of goodness, there’s an entire week dedicated to them. With so many to choose from they vary in size, construction and contents, so from Shepherds Pie, Cottage Pie, Fish Pie to the more traditional pastry enclosed pies of Steak & Ale and Chicken & Mushroom. We’ve even got a pie dessert section with Apple, Cream and Custard Pies bringing up the rear of the meal. Simply put, we Brits can’t get enough on them.
However we can’t lay claim to the creation of pies. References suggest they date back as far as the Ancient Egyptians and it’s the Romans we have to thank for bringing the concept of a pie to British soil. As all things do over time, they evolve and the pie is no exception, having adapted over the years to our every shifting diet habits. Most notably in the last couple of decades food intolerances can be accounted for with both the pastry case and its contents now catering to vegetarians, vegans and gluten free diets.
But what is it about the humble pie that makes them such a firm favourite for the nation?
Easy to make and simple to serve, pies conjure up warm, hearty and homey feelings. Often accompanied by potatoes and vegetables or even eaten on its own, you know it won’t leave you feeling hungry and providing it’s been made made well with freshly sourced ingredients it’s a meal that it good for you and one you can trust.
If you visit our venue Sally Pussey’s Inn in Royal Wootton Bassett, you’ll find both a vegan and meat based pie to enjoy – homemade with succulent, locally sourced ingredients, these pies are true English pub classics!