National Tea Day

April 21st not only heralds the Queen’s birthday, it also marks National Tea Day, combined there is simply nothing more quintessentially British than the pairing of royalty with the nations favourite hot beverage. Funny then to think that tea’s natural origins lie in China and it just happened to be brought to the UK by Portuguese and Dutch traders in 17th century. Catherine of Braganza made tea fashionable after introducing loose left tea courts when she married King Charles II. The classic British tradition of taking afternoon tea was devised by The Duchess of Bedford, who introduced this midday snack during the late 1840’s to elevate the hunger pains she felt between the two main meals of the day.
So with a long history of tea drinking, it’s surprising to think National Tea Day was only introduced six years ago with Chiswick House gardens hosting an annual Fes-Tea-Val in honour of the occasion. With plen-tea of things to do, theres an abundance of tea leaves, treats, shops and variety of tea activities.
But you don’t need to travel to Chiswick to celebrate National Tea Day, simply making time to enjoy a cuppa is all anyone need do! Here at Relish where we operate over 12 venues throughout the Cotswolds, we serve thousands of cups of tea each year, primarily supplied by Clipper who are a British fair-trade tea company, using pure and natural ingredients. From the traditional English Breakfast to Jade Green Tea, Assam to Red Berry & Hibiscus or Earl Grey to Lemongrass & Ginger, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect cuppa to suit your mood.