Shandy Shack

We thought it about time we wrote a piece on the fabulous Shandy Shack drink that we are proud to stock at Bar @ Lake 6 , situated at the Cotswold Water Park!

Launched in 2018, we discovered this refreshing and reinvented take on a classic, conservative alcoholic beverage during lockdown two years later, and are since delighted to be the first venue in the UK to be able to offer the drink on draught!!

It all began one summer when three friends started searching for drinks that could help them cut down on their alcohol unit intake and minimise the inevitable hangover whilst out partying. But couldn’t find much to write home about. 

So they decided to give shandy a second chance… 

But these weren’t any old shandies. They paired high-quality, flavour-packed beers with a variety of natural sodas, and put a new spin on an old classic for those that love drinking, but hate hangovers. 

The result was a drink that offered amazing flavour combinations and moderation without taste compromise and now all Shandy options are lower-alcohol (under 1.0 units per 330ml), vegan and gluten-free so everyone can enjoy them! They are also made using only fully-natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives or sweeteners – just the good stuff, basically!

These days, Shandy Shack produce a range of shandies in bottles, cans and kegs that put smiles on faces all over the country. Their range currently consists of three options, all of which we are proud to stock:

The traditional IPA Shandy is hop-packed with a slosh of natural lemonade. Tastes like summers on the village green. 

The new Elderflower Top is a lively lager topped with a splash of crisp elderflower pressé. Tastes like chilling on a sun-drenched bench.

If you fancy spicing up your life, the Pale & Ginger offers a perfect combo of pale ale with a glug of ginger ale. It tastes like cosy nights by an open fire!

And who know which other flavours or blends are on the horizon – you’ll just have to keep an eye out for this innovative brand for longer!