World Cocktail Day

Regardless of whether you’re a complete novice,  cocktail connoisseur or master mixologist, world cocktail day gives everyone the chance to experiment (but only if you’re over 18 years old that is!) 

An invention from the 19th Century, cocktails have since spread across the globe, ever changing and evolving to bring us some of the firm favourites we order time and time again. In fact, many of the cocktails we know and love today were created in America, particularly during the 1920 Prohibition. With a ban on alcohol, cocktails were the perfect way to make smuggled and homemade rums, gins and whiskeys stretch that little bit further, not to mention easier to drink.
The classic Tom Collins, Mojito and Sidecar all thrived during Prohibition, despite recreational alcohol being illegal, but after the ban was lifted and in the years that followed the Pino Colada and Cosmopolitan came into being. With the classics proving popular even now, there is such a variety of cocktails available to try there really is something for everyone.
So, if you’re thinking of celebrating, here’s a list of a few cocktails you can whip up at home!
Mojito – This refreshing cocktail screams summertime which is now only just around the corner!  Simply mix white rum, lime juice, mint and soda water together for an instant crowd-pleaser.
Sex on the Beach – Filled to the brim with juicy flavours this drink is ideal for those with a sweet tooth, just combine vodka and peach schnapps with cranberry juice and garnish with cocktail cherries or orange slice.
Whiskey Sour – This sophisticated beverage makes for the perfect after dinner tipple. Shake up bourbon, sharp lemon, sugar and herby bitters to create a super-smooth serve. (The optional egg white can help tone down the sharpness of the lemon and give the drink a richer feel, but only if you’re feeling brave enough!)

Or if you’d rather have the experts whip you up a cocktail or two, Somewhere Else in Cirencester is the place to go. Spicing it up each month with a different cocktail selected by their own wait staff, this month Hoxton Highball comes at just the right time to welcome in the warmer months – a mix of crushed ice, lime juice, raspberry puree and tequila, topped with prosecco. Delicious!!